Namaste, Soul Weavers!

We assume you are simmering in love and being loved by everything around you. It’s been a while since we gathered for and by Kabir, but here we are again, inviting each ‘heart carrier’ to join us on a three-day immersive journey filled with connections, stories, experiences, and shifts that have kept us alive for years.


‘Kahat Kabir’ is an expedition, not a discourse. Drenching oneself into oneness and dancing to the melody and tunes of rustic wisdom keepers, the retreat opens you to different paradigms that are usually unnoticed and unheard in the daily hustle and bustle.


To make your curation hearty and genuine, we will cuddle you in one of the best Educational Institute of Northern India. Kabir is omnipresent; sometimes, we must wander and sit with fakirs, sufis, and mystics to find him. This satsang retreat is a chance to experience such an opportunity to engage in heart-to-heart conversations with remarkable artists hailing from diverse regions of India. These dedicated practitioners of mystic singing have honed their craft over years, and meditated on the magical universal words that speak to us about love, harmony and truth.


At Kahat Kabir, we give you the confluence, making yours and ours coming together memorable and worthwhile.


Venue: DDM (PG) College, Firozabad


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What will you experience?

Retreat Schedule

This Kahat Kabir Retreat completes best for free wanderers. As Kabir hails, Haman Hai ishq mastana, Haman sir bojh bhari kya? We deem to organize this 3-day retreat exempt of any head-heavy schedule. Yes! Because we believe, free wanders the saints, and our seekers stand no apart!

How to Reach

Meet our Artists & Facilitators



Arun Goyal is a folk singer  from Malwa MP. He sings vanis of bhakti poets like Kabir, Meera, Nanak and more. He is a part of the oral tradition of Kabir in Malwa. Arun Ji’s music has a magical quality, inspiring those around him to dance to the rhythm of his tunes.  Listen to him here


Mir Basu Barkat Khan is a hereditary Mirasi musician who comes from a family with a rich heritage of both Sufi and Sarayki folk songs. He sings a range of poets from Khwaja Ghulam Farid to Kabir and sings in a multitude of languages including Saraiki, Punjabi and Sindhi. In order to transmit this music, he has been leading teaching initiatives in several villages across Rajasthan.


Deepankar Raina is a poet, storyteller and curator who facilitates and designs human experiences that bring meaning in life. His penchant for narratives and building heart connections made him start anubhavshala, a design consultancy created to foster safe spaces for deeper existence. Connect with him on instagram here

Your questions are answered here!

1. Is it mandatory to stay in this retreat? 
 Both options available to stay or go home.
2. Is there any bus arrangement for this retreat?
 Yes, Bus leaves Old Campus at 8:30 am and drops them back at 8:00 pm.


3. What all is included in the contribution?
 The contribution amount covers food, lodging, access to all sessions, Satsangs and other Retreat areas from the 23rd morning to the 26th morning till breakfast-tea.


4. Do solo women travellers feel at ease here?
 The Retreat space is a safe space.


5. Can I book single occupancy stay?
 Please write to us at or whatsapp at 9627000407. We will inform you the availability accordingly.


6. How to transfer?
 You can transfer your registration to someone else by informing us at or whatsapp at 9627000407.


7. What should I pack?
 Warm clothes, blankets and pillows as it gets cold in the nights and mornings, Toiletries, personal medication, comfortable hiking shoes, reusable water bottle and an open heart.

Refund Policy

The contribution amount for registrations is non-refundable.

Contact Us
 : +91 9627000407 /  7409847898