Every child has a dream. Every child has a hope. And it is through education that these Hopes and Dreams are fulfilled.
The purpose of education is to empower the student with critical thinking, knowledge, skills, values and ideals so that the student can participate in life freely and fearlessly. Making use of every opportunity to improve their own life, the lives of their community and the life of society in general. This is the path to progress.


Manorama’s Hopes & Dreams

Name     : MANORAMA


Age         : 16 Years


Class       : XII


Address : Amarti Nagar, Asfabad, Firozabad


Manorama is a student of our college. Her father has passed away long ago. Her mother works as house maid to earn her living. Manorama also works in a bangle warehouse during the day and at night she works on bangles at her home. When we reached her house, it was locked, as both of them were out to work. She does not want to do this work for life.

She has been provided with Mobile by DDM PG College for E-Learning. She is happy now as no one can stop her to fulfill her dreams.

Shalu’s Hopes & Dreams

Name     : SHALU


Age         : 16 Years


Class       : XII


Address : Nagla Mirza Chota, Near Hanuman Tample, Firozabad


Shalu Kumari is a student of XII standard in our School. She lives in a one room house having very poor condition. She has to use that room only as her family’s bedroom, kitchen, work place and study room. She is studying along with doing work to live a better life in future. Her aim in life is to become a teacher one day.

She is also a beneficiary of Mobile Distribution Program.

Laxmi’s Hopes & Dreams



Age         : 16 Years


Class       : XII


Address : Tapa Penth, Jalesar Road, Firozabad


Laxmi Shakya is one of our students from weaker section. Her father works as a labour, her sister and brother works in a bangle factory.
Her elder brother’s eye sight is effected badly due to his work. He wears glasses. Laxmi is afraid that this work of the bangles may not weaken her eye sight also.

That’s why she wants to become an officer after completing her education.
DDM PG College facilitated her with Mobile to achieve her goal.