International Teacher’s Empowerment Programme (ITEP)

A small group of well intentioned friends, sitting at their homes in London, Spain and Senegal, during Covid 19, came up with a brilliant idea to help and support the teachers in Firozabad, India. This gave birth to an outstanding, Online International Teachers Empowerment program. This training provides new skills and experiences that have become vital in today’s teaching.

Feedback from Participants

Today’s TEP Session was very precious and full of ICT knowledge. In this session Phalguni mam taught us practically Zoom app features in very well way. We learnt How to teach students on Zoom app and share of content with students and use of white board, Google drive etc. Thank you Phalguni mam for this energies and valuable session.


Today session very interesting and joyfully and today session was based on using all the senses to learn. The five senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are work together to give us a total picture of our experience. Estha mam teach us very well how to use of concept VARK. Visual, auditory, read, and write, kinesthetic. Thank you so much very nice today session mam.

Satyendra singh

Today’s session was wonderful session on classroom management.
I learnt how we can manage our class of the students of different learning nature ,how we can engage them & get their attention. Also learnt to explore ,explain, elaborate & evaluate them by different practices & methods, how we can decide the requirements for our class, to use the process to teach & take output.It was an excellent session .Thank you sir 
Dr. Archana Agarwal